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2015 Updates

****Alexis Mack/ 2b-utl Beverly Bandits - Brecksville HS has verbally
committed to South Carolina

Coaches, Below is a sample of our move to a National prospectus on
Softball Recruiting as we give you a
first run look of the second in our series of Ohio Softball Recruiting
comparisons on a National Level

As always, thank you for reading Ohio Softball Recruiting News.

2015 national prospects

We have investigated the 2014 class and how the top players compare to our
National list of top players, now we will look at the 2015 class.

OSRN tried to match up comparable Ohio players based on combine ratings,
and using information from various national combines, recruiting venues,
and showcases.

We begin with Taryn Alvelo out of Bloom Carroll and the Beverly Bandits
Conroy and a verbal to Washington.  Not only our top recruit in Ohio,
Alvelo comes in as our top pitching prospect for 2015 in the country.  We
compared her to Ashley Guillette (OSRNNR#2pitcher) from Oxford and the RI
Thunder verbal to Florida; Tamara Statman (OSRNNR#3pitcher) from
Horizon/SoCalAthletics verbal to Arizona, and Taylor Blair
(OSRNNR#4pitcher) from Carondelet/KG Hitters and verbal to Arizona State.
All pitchers have the power and movement on the ball, proven winners, and
can’t miss recruits.  Alvelo tests out highest in all five rating
categories, most notably power and movement.  Alvelo also seems to be
getting better with age, giving Washington reason to smile.  The variable
rating also has Alvelo scoring as high in 40% of five categories across
the board on offense, pretty impressive when you look at Statman and Blair
as proficient offensive forces.  There will be matchups galore in a few
years as all four will pick up on their club team battles with their
respective national powerhouse college programs.

Liley Piper of Walsh Stow/Ohio Ice Blue (OSRN#2and NR#44mif), compares to
Alabama verbal Mari Cranek (OSRNNR#1ss) of Elkins/Texas Magic Gold and
California verbal and Monte Vista/ KG Hitter Lindsay Rood (OSRNNR#6mif).
Both are tough and hard nose, and play solid quick defense with range and
a strong arm.  Rood has the experience with both defensive and offensive
edge, athletic prowess and speed, but in comparison on a national basis
the distance isn’t as far off as an abacus would show.  Piper is though,
the top mif in Ohio based on our variable ratings with only a few close to
her (Clark, Girlie)

Shelby McCombs of Licking Valley/Ohio Lasers Gold (OSRN#5 and NR#20p) and
a verbal to Louisville, McCombs has all the physical tools that have
immediate impact for the coaches.  Her variable rating is to Brittany
Finney of of Wamengo/Witchita Mustangs (OSRNNR#7p), who is a strong verbal
to Oklahoma.  Both flamethrowers that will carry a high k to batter ratio,
Finney displays similar athletic talents as McCombs as McCombs rates
higher in 3 of 5 and throws at a higher speed, but Finney does top her in
all aspects at this time in Spin ratio and change in speeds.  Two years
ago at nationals McCombs won our confidence with an epic performance on
the mound and at the plate, so it is not out of the question to keep her
with the elite as she performs well when stacked against them.  Finney has
won more big games though but both match well as overall athletes.

Emily Clark of North Union/Ohio Stingrays (OSRN#6 and NR#68utl) and a
verbal to Ohio State, Clark is athletic and possesses a strong bat.  Quick
to the ball on defense, she draws a comparison to
Mari Cranek of Elkins/Texas Magic Gold (OSRNNR#3ss), and Kenzi McGuire of
River Ridge/Team Fla North and a verbal to Arkansas (OSRNNR #4Utl #7ss).
Scouts like Clark’s athletic build and overall athletic ability, but it
was her bat that will win the coaches over.  McGuire and Carson both have
recorded variable ratings but only subjective review over Clark who isn’t
listed.  Cranek and McGuire both are more seasoned and have excellent
range, speed, and offensive skill sets which lead us to believe Clark may
end up behind the plate or at 2nd.  Both Cranek and McGuire are more
accomplished batters than Clark, power though goes to Clark on a
consistent basis.

Amber Serret Oakridge/Texas Sudden Impact Gold and strong verbal to LSU
and Shemiah Sanchez of Sharpsburg/Georgia Impact Gold and a verbal to
Georgia Tech come in as OSRNNR #1 and #2 shortstops, and also get top 10
ratings as “Athletes”.  No one in Ohio, especially in the infield, will
compare with the overall speed and athleticism that these two bring, and
the our variable rating on power for these two come from the
aforementioned speed and athleticism, which gives them the ability to have
power.  Very similar to former all-americans Schlopy and Lastrapes, these
two have separation from the Midwest.

Hayden Ellis of Ashville Teays Valley/Ohio Nightmare Gold (OSRN#4 and
NR#7C) uncommitted, has a variable rating comparison to Alexis Hull of
Louisville Male/Tennessee Fury (OSRNNR#4C) and committed to South
Carolina.  Ellis grades out very well in comparison of variable rating to
Hull.  Hull set the standard for behind the plate prowess and quickness,
but Ellis is right behind and is more athletic.  Hull and Ellis are
similar type batters which score nicely on with the scouts; Hull is
stronger and very durable. When catcher pop time is the standard, Ellis
garners the strongest arm but Hull has the rocket quick release.  Both
block and frame very well, especially on a national standard.

Kyle Davidson of Olentangy Orange/Ohio Lasers Black (OSRN#8 and NR#27C)
uncommitted, has a variable rating to Hilary Edior of Carson/SoCal
Athletics and a verbal to Arizona (OSRNNR#3Utl).  Edior and Davidson have
similar body types and offensive prowess, but Edior does show more
consistent power to this point.  Both are unique as they will carry a
utility role into their college years as catchers with the ability to move
to other posititions.  Both have very soft hands, but the edge on five out
of the five ratings weigh toward Edior.  In our opinion though, maybe more
subjective, Davidson does have an upper hand as an athlete over Edior,
with her ability to do more and subsequently has a high window for
improvement over time.

Alexis Mack of Brecksville/Beverly Bandits Tyrell (OSRN#7 and
NR#48ath)uncommitted, has a variable rating to Skylar McCarty
Centennial/Arizona Firecrackers (OSRNNR#4of and NR#28ath) and committed to
Washington.  McCarty carries and edge in size and offense, Mack does have
more straight out speed and start stop ability.  Mack may be better suited
as a 2b because of her range and quick hand.  Both can be considered
triple options with the stick, but McCarty is more fluent to this point
and has the stronger arm.  Mack’s step up in practice partners and
competition though with the Bandits and strong combine showings do make
her a very viable option for bigger schools who are looking for the
athletic 2b who could do more.  Mack is in that Jenna Lilley class of
player who is athletic enough to do more, as McCarty and Lilley have
already shown.

Molli Abbruzzese of Bishop Ready/Ohio Nightmare (OSRN#12 and NR#51ath)
uncommitted, is to Natalie Peters Mt. Carmel/TNL Gold(OSRNNR#2Of and
NR#1ath) verbal to Michigan as Peters was to her sister Laramie.  Speed,
quickness, and athletic ability are barometers for players in any sport
succeeding.  Peters is the premier player in the country in our eyes only
topped in position by the great Casa headed to Florida State and ahead of
Lorenz heading to Florida.  Abbruzzese is behind Peters in all variable
ratings, but has made the largest jump in one year in variable combine
ratings especially with a proficient offense index as Peters did two years
ago.  Scouts see it in football as natural progression whereas softball
has a void.  Peters combines the speed and triple option threat to give
Michigan another Evans.  Abbruzzese increase in defense index climbed 50%
from fall adidas to winter on deck.

Morgan Geno of Zane Trace/Ohio Lasers Black (OSRN#9 and NR#54P) a verbal
commitment to Ohio University, has a variable rating to Bria Bush of
Buford/Georgia Impact Gold and a verbal to Tennessee (OSRNNR#5p).  Both
have command of the lower zone and own the corners, and even more similar
are the hitting prowess that will keep both in the lineup.  Bush does win
out on all five ratings based on pure power and experience, but the
similarities do line up with how fluid both pitch and how powerful both
can be at the plate.  Geno has good size and ability to keep the opponents
off balance and enough power on her pitch to keep them out of the game.
Bush can flat out bring it though, on all ends, ala Alvelo, Guillette,
Statman, and Blair.

Kennedy Beach of Grove City/Beverly Bandits Conroy (OSRN#3 and NR#25ath)
verbal to James Madison, has a variable rating consistency to Zoe Casa of
SanBernadino/Corona Angels (OSRNNR#1of NR#6ath), trying to draw the
closest comparison to size strength athletic ability and speed.  Beach has
the versatility to go behind the plate but should roam the outfield at JM.
As Casa storms past most competition and keeps as only mentioned in
breath with Peters and Lorenz etc., it is very fun to watch the
development of the lesser skilled as they perform so mirror imaged at the
combine ratings and showcases.  Confidence does play such a factor, but as
a member now of a top club, the confidence will be instantaneous and we
should see a NR climb in the future.

Brooke Parker of Glen Este/ Ohio Nightmare Gold (OSRN#10 and NR#62p)
uncommitted, is a variable comparison to Taylor McQuillin of Mission
Viejo/OC Batbusters (OSRNNR#6p) committed to Oklahoma State and Abby
Langkamp of Woodlands/Texas Sudden Impact Gold (OSRNNR#7p) committed to
Baylor.  All three are big lefties, all three can bring it.  Parker is as
good in Ohio as is gets right now behind Alvelo and McCombs on any grade
level, but has rocketed this fall and shows well.  You begin to split
hairs when you talk about the top ten throwers in the 2015 class on a
national level, and there really isn’t the overall comparison until they
get into college and bang it out with each other.  Langkamp and McQuillen
have as much spin and play havoc from the opposite side of the mound that
will make them this a very interesting run over the next six years of
college softball.

OSRN National Ratings Class of 2015 outside of Ohio - actual rankings by
class and position in ( ) will be out in February

Taran Alvelo - Bloom Carrol/Beverly Bandits Conroy - P - committed to
Natalie Peters – Mt. Carmel/TNL – Michigan – Of
Tamara Statman – Horizon/Arizona Lil Saints – Arizona – P
Taylor Blair – KG Hitters – Arizona St – P
Ashley Guillette – RI Thunder/Oxford – P-Florida
Hilary Edior – Carson/SoCalAthletics – Arizona – C/inf
Zoe Casa – Sanbernidino Aquinous/Corona Angels-Florida State- of
Bria Bush – Buford-Georgia Impact-Tenn-P
Taylor McQuillin – Mission Viejo-OC Batbusters – Oklahoma St-P
Abby Langkamp – Woodlands/Sudden Impact Gold – Baylor
Lindsay Rood – Monte Vista / KG Hitters – Cal – ss
Amanda Lorenz – Moorpark./Team Mizuno-Florida -of
Brittany Finney – Witchita Mustangs/Wamengo - Oklahoma – p
Amber Serret – Oakridge/Texas Sudden Impact Gold – SS LSU
Shemiah Sanchez—Sharpsburg/Georgia Impact – Georgia Tech-ss
Makayla Martin – Serra HS/Corona Angels =-P/1b-Georgia
Mari Cranek – Texas Magic Gold/Elkins HS – committed to Alabama – ss
Skylar McCarty – Centennial/Az Firecrackers-Of – Washington
Kenzi Maquire – River Ridge / Team Fla North – SS/c-Arkansas
Alexis Hull – Louisville Male/Tenn Fury – South Carolina – C

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